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Another poem from Patience Strong:

Thinking and Thanking

Be not a groaner or a moaner, but a thanker be.

Greet every morning, grey or sunny, thinking gratefully.

Thoughts have the power to make your life, if rightly understood -

Thinking moulds the shape of it for evil or for good.

Cultivate an inner calm that nothing can destroy.

Be a thanker thinking thoughts of love and hope and Joy.




Can you Help?

Parishioners have been recently advised of the state of the parish finances which is operating in deficit.  The details below summarise the situation and how you can assist.

Parish Giving at a Glance

•1,153 households

•22% of households provide financial support through regular giving

•Giving average is $222per year, $4.27 per week.

•Income 2017 - $256,000plus grants of $43,000

•Last year - deficit of $46,000 was meet from reserves

•Major cost Wages, Diocesan Levy and  R & M on Buildings

We are operating in Deficit

•Our income is down 10% 

•Our building are in varying conditions. St Patricks –earthquake risk, St Thomas More over 30 years old, St Peter’s –historic church. -  All need to be maintained. 

•Support of clergy increased to 30%, mainly due to needs of retired clergy.

•Projects have been subsidised by community grants when available.

•We need to rebuild a “rainy day fund.

•Thank you to those that have continued to support in a financial way

•To those that are not giving – please consider contributing in some way

•Consider signing up to a regular giving plan

•If every household increased weekly giving to $5.00 a week the increase across the parish is $48,000. Your support by increasing your giving if possible will assist this parish to continue to develop and meet the needs of the large growin and vibrant community of the Papamoa Coast area.


Parish App Update

This is an app that you install on your android or iphone, this is available from your phones app store just search for allsaintsbythesea (check it displays the parish logo), this is a FREE app. Features include links to parish rosters, newletters, latest news and contact information; plus alerts for upcoming events as a reminder.

We currently have over 200 users, so come on join in the All Saints by the Sea most connected parishioners group.