The parish library is now online! The library holds around 700 books and cataloguing is well under way.

We have a small but growing collection of multimedia and a splendid range of books that will inform, inspire, nurture and stretch your faith and prayer.

Borrowing and Returning Books

When borrowing, please enter your name and contact number; title and author and date on the BOOKS BORROWED page that is on the clipboard on the library shelves.

When returning, just enter the same again on the RETURNED BOOKS sheet. No need to place books in their numbered place. Just pop items back on the top shelf for easy tracking and handling.

Ratings, Reviews & Comments

And if you find a book that you love, hate or feel indifferent about, we'd love to hear about it. Feel free to share your impressions and opinions with us. This will help to guide us to just the right read at the right time!

Simply drop a note in to Jan at the office or email her. Or better still, write a comment or give a rating on the RETURNED BOOKS sheet.